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Perhaps the biggest challenge for cannabis executives is seeing the forest for the trees. In a complex, regulated industry that’s rapidly changing, it’s easy to focus on the here-and-now. Unfortunately, overlooking the larger picture can negatively impact the most important strategies driving long-term growth.

Freese Consulting was founded to help you avoid that problem and effectively achieve your far-reaching goals.

Why Cannabis?

Karen lives at the heart of the medical cannabis movement, the San Francisco Bay Area. Her motivation is stewarding the legacy industry into the mainstream, by leveraging CPG best practices to ensure broader consumer acceptance, delivering a greater quality of life to those who consume.

Her passion for the cannabis industry ignited in 2014, when Karen worked with licensed applicants to launch the medical pilot program in Illinois. Seeking to expand her knowledge, she took an investigative three-month trip through many legal Western states, gaining a clear understanding of the nascent industry and how she could apply her business skills to usher in change.

Karen understood the medical benefits of cannabis from her brother’s struggle with HIV/ AIDS and the lack-of-access to medicine that could bring him comfort. She recognized that decades of misinformation would not be easy to erase and that her expertise in large-scale marketing, operations, and retail was greatly needed in an industry drowning in stigmas.

Founder: Karen Freese

Karen’s expertise as an executive-level consultant stems from the acumen she developed over decades of defining, transforming, and building global consumer brands. Her work in the FMCG space and other highly regulated, multi-tiered industries has yielded the specialized proficiency most needed for success in cannabis.

Known as a rainmaker, Karen is an award-winning solutions provider who can add value immediately.

Some noteworthy achievements:

• 20 years building consumer brands spanning global Fortune 500’s to local start-ups in over a dozen industries.

• 6 years building cannabis business and brands across supply chain. Pioneer and activist.

• Creator of strategies generating measurable topline results while boosting bottom line growth, including:

• Built revenue from zero to $170.5MM in 9 months – 3.1% dollar share.

• Reversed declining category portfolio, increasing penetration 47%; contributing $1.3MM to net income.

• Delivered $2MM incremental gross sales volume.

• Built and exited 2 companies.

• Developed over 200 products from insights research to post-commercialization.

• Set-up national-to-regional distribution, wholesale, and brokered sales networks.

• Top-to-top headquarter planning and sell-in experience in all retail channel formats.

Industries Served:

  • Cannabis & Hemp
  • Alcohol
  • Food & Beverage
  • Confections
  • Health and Beauty
  • Pet Food & Training
  • Film & Entertainment
  • Music
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Botanical Essences
  • Not-for-Profit

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