“Even under challenging circumstances Karen is able to give clear concise solutions. She is an excellent coach for both start-up ventures and experienced businesses interested in solidifying their brand identity, marketing message and customer strategies.”

Ed Rosenthal

Cultivation Guru and Author

“If a business or organization is seeking to have their new brand stand out from the ever expanding crowd of new cannapreneurs, I would highly recommend Karen Freese to obtain the maximum benefit of her deep level knowledge, professional acumen, industry insider status and decades of brand marketing strategies and expertise.”

Molly Poiset

patissier | chocolatier, Cheffettes ®

“Karen has a solid knowledge of marketing in general and specifically consumer packaged goods brand management and new product development. She has demonstrated the ability to step into tough situations and add value quickly and effectively for us.”

Blair McCaw

Owner, Constellation Management Group

“Karen made great efforts to help unify our teams branding strategy. This came with a breadth of experience, valuable insight, comprehensive problem solving, and development of marketing campaigns that helped us grow as a company. She provided us with the highest quality professionalism and helped our company achieve our marketing milestones.”

Zeta Ceti

CEO/ Founder, Green Rush Consulting

“Karen is always helping her clients achieve their goals. She has a great imagination and a high level of commitment in everything that she does. Highly recommended.”

Kevin Johnston (LION)

Principal, Kevin Johnston Marketing

“Karen is a smart and savvy marketing professional. She is a high level strategic thinker who can not only develop the plan but knows how to get it executed. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

Sunita Lasdow

Creative Activation Leader, Coca-Cola

“The wealth of knowledge she possesses from her extensive background means Karen is always thinking strategically – a valuable skillset in an industry as new as cannabis.”

Kaisha-Dyan McMillan

Cannabis writer

“Karen is a seasoned marketer that delivers high performance and creative strategy and execution. I would highly recommend Karen for consulting projects that span the range of all marketing elements – from product development to integrated consumer marketing.”

Laureen Schroeder

Global Vice President of Brand Development & Innovation

Karen was a highly valued member of Ryan’s account team showing great strategic insight andability to effectively evaluate and act on opportunities for our clients. She also is able to easily grasp new information and use her knowledge base to quickly become a valuable team member and/or leader (as the situation requires.)

Yvette London

Founder/CEO, London Consulting

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